Financial matters for doctoral students

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The following costs are incurred during doctoral studies:

Admission costs
Registration fee for graduates from Swiss universities:
ETH Zurich/EPFL Lausanne graduates can register free of charge
CHF 50.00
Registration fee for graduates from abroad
CHF 150.00
Global fee for qualifying examination(s) (if required)
CHF 120.00
Tuition and semester fees
Flat-rate tuition fee for doctoral students:
(one-time fee for the whole doctorate due after registration for your doctoral examination)
CHF 1'350.00
(as of autumn semester 2020: CHF 1'500.00)
Compulsory semester fees (sport, scholarship fund) CHF 37.00

In special cases, doctoral students can apply for a scholarship or a loan

Living costs, per month
Rent, health insurance, transport, food
CHF 1'500.00 to 2'000.00
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