Symposium "Doctoral Supervision"

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Symposium Doctoral Supervision

On 24 and 25 January 2019 ETH Zurich will hold a symposium on the theme of “Doctoral Supervision”. This symposium is intended for all ETH members with an interest in doctoral supervision, and selected guests from partner universities.

Doctoral work is the backbone of a university’s research. However, for decades it has been undergoing change: what was originally a route to an academic career has also become a way into a career outside the university. The requirements and expectations of doctoral students and their supervisors in relation to one another have changed accordingly.

The focus of the symposium will therefore be the relationship between thesis supervisors and their doctoral students. The objective is to raise awareness of the challenges inherent in supervising doctoral students, for both parties.

These challenges, and ways to address them, will be presented from both scientific and practical perspectives. Five international experts will give talks on current research in the area. The themes arising will then be discussed in workshops, where participants may also reflect on their personal experiences in practice.

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