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Monitoring cell mass and growth

two men looking at a microscope

What happens when flu viruses or other pathogens infect a cell? Thanks to a tiny cell balance, researchers from ETH Zurich and their project partner Nanosurf can now monitor this in real time.

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Offers for Industry

Research projects with ETH Zurich

The team Industry Relations connects researchers and industry and helps with the initiation of new partnerships or collaboration projects.

Interaction with ETH students and graduates

The Career Center is the interface between industry and talented ETH students and offers a manifold of options for recruiting and employer branding at ETH.

Technology offers

ETH Zurich is looking for licensing and collaboration partners from industry, who will develop market-ready products from ETH inventions for commercialization. more

Offers for ETH researchers

Research and service agreements

The technology transfer office of ETH Zurich centrally manages contracts between researchers and industry and other third parties. more

Commercialization of inventions

The technology transfer office of ETH Zurich consults and supports ETH researchers who wish to protect their intellectual property (patents, copyright etc.). more

Start-up support (ETH Spin-off)

ETH researchers who are interested in founding their own companies are invited to contact the technology transfer office for support such as the ieLab and mentoring programs. more

Offers for ETH students and ETH graduates

Support for entrepreneurs

ETH graduates, who seek to turn their inventions into market ready products, can apply for the Pioneer Fellowship.

Career offers for ETH students, graduates and alumni

The Career Center offers trainings for job applications, career events, individual consulting, job offers and more.

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