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Max Rössler prize
Thanks to the donation of ETH alumnus Max R?ssler, a research prize is awarded every year. From left to right: Jo?l Mesot (President of ETH Zurich), Maksym Kovalenko and Max R?ssler. (Photo: ETH Zurich Foundation)
Sponsors meet students sponsored
Sponsors meet students sponsored under the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme. (Photo: ETH Zurich Foundation)

The ETH Zurich Foundation and its partners focus in particular on the institute’s strategic priorities. Last year, various individuals, foundations and companies were engaged in supporting research, talents and pioneers at ETH Zurich. The numerous donations from alumni and companies account for a significant part of this total.

The central node and catalyst for this is the ETH Zurich Foundation, a non-profit-making foundation under private law. It works jointly with ETH Zurich to drive the university forward in its strategic efforts to maintain and build on its leading global position.

Sponsorship opportunities

The Executive Board of ETH Zurich assigns the Foundation specific targets for strategic initiatives. This ensures that the funding is used in an efficient and coordinated way.

More information on specific sponsorship opportunities

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