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ETH Zurich offers its students, alumni, and aspiring entrepreneurs support at every level along their journey - from experimenting with creative ideas, to creating spin-off companies.

The entrepreneurship ecosystem brings together the relevant entities, associated groups, and student organisations at ETH Zurich.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at ETH
Entrepreneurship ecosystem at ETH Zurich: From idea to market

How to get involved

I want to start a company based on my ETH Zurich research

ETH spin-off group
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab
Pioneer Fellowship
Wyss Zurich
ESA BIC, Switzerland


I am a student at ETH Zurich and would like to get involved in entrepreneurship

- Chair of Entrepreneurship
- Student Project House
- ETH Entrepreneur Club
- Focus Projects
- ETH Week
- ETH Juniors


I am a donor / investor / partner and want to get involved with entrepreneurship at ETH Zurich

- ETH Foundation
- Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab
- ETH spin-offs
- Pioneer Fellowship
- Spied

I am a journalist / public entity and want to learn more about entrepreneurship activities at ETH Zurich

- ETH Corporate Communications
- ETH Global
- Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab
- ETH spin-offs


Chair of Entrepreneurship - The ETH's Department of Management, Technology and Economics focuses on research and teaching in the area of entrepreneurship, with emphasis on innovative and aspirations-driven entrepreneurial activity, aiming at high impact ventures. www.entrepreneurship.www.chinaquanjingqihua.com

ETH Foundation - The ETH Foundation aims to support research, teaching, and translation at ETH Zurich. It allocates charitable donations from companies, foundations, and private individuals to ETH Zurichwww.ethz-foundation.ch

ETH Pioneer Fellowship - The Pioneer Fellowship is a CHF 150K donation given to aspiring ETH entrepreneurs to apply their research findings in developing highly innovative products or services based on ETH research, and use these for the benefit of society. Pioneer Fellows are hosted in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab.

ETH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab - The ieLab is ETH Zurich's deep technology accelerator and home to Pioneer Fellows and ETH spin-offs alike. It offers office- and lab- space, individual coaching, entrepreneurship education and access to its wide start-up network of coaches, entrepreneurs, and investors. www.www.chinaquanjingqihua.com/ieLab

ETH Entrepreneur Club - Founded in 2011 as a non-profit organisation, the ETH Entrepreneur Club's goal is to encourage ETH students to start their own businesses and support them in pursuing their dreams. www.entrepreneur-club.org/en/home

ETH Juniors - ETH juniors is ETH Zurich’s student enterprise that uses ETH student skills and expertise in implementing projects for its clients. The clients range from Swiss SMEs to large international corporationswww.ethjuniors.ch/

ETH Spin-off - ETH Zurich supports the incorporation of spin-off companies based on the translation of research results into products. We offer advice to prospective founders and award the ‘ETH spin-off’ label, which is given to start-ups providing innovative solutions for relevant problems by applying state-of-the-art research and technology.  www.www.chinaquanjingqihua.com/spin-offs

eit - European Institute of Innovation & Technology - The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent EU body founded in 2008. Driving innovation across Europe, the EIT aims to increase Europe’s ability to innovate and develop dynamic pan-European partnerships by integrating business, education, and research organisations, and nurturing entrepreneurial talentwww.eit.europa.eu/

ESA BIC Switzerland - The ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland (ESA BIC Switzerland) is a nationwide initiative that opened in 2016, powered by the European Space Agency (ESA) and one of the world’s leading universities: ETH Zurich. It supports entrepreneurs and young start-ups alike to exploit space systems or technologies to develop their non-space business on earth, or use earth-based technology for space-related application. www.esabic.ch/

Student Project House - A place where students can think outside the ‘curriculum box’ and learn how to identify needs, design solutions, and test hypotheses, the Student Project House provides an ideal place for students to enjoy the freedom of combining what they’ve learned with the freedom to explore, leading to great innovations.  www.sph.www.chinaquanjingqihua.com

ETH Focus project

ETH Focus Projects - In the last year of the Bachelor’s degree, students can participate in interdisciplinary projects and receive ECTS credit points. See the respective department websites for more detailed information. www.www.chinaquanjingqihua.com

Technopark Technopark Zurich has been bringing people together since 1993 from the fields of science, technology, and economy at its 47,000 m2 site with flexible office space and conference facilities. www.technopark.ch/en/

ETH Week ETH Week is a key element of the Critical Thinking Initiative which provides ETH graduates with the ability to analyse and reflect upon complex, interdisciplinary, and system-oriented problems in addition to applying methodological skills and disciplinary knowledge. It promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and institutional diversity by building on disciplinary expertise.  www.www.chinaquanjingqihua.com/ethweek

InnosuisseInnosuisse is the Swiss Confederation’s innovation agency providing comprehensive support for, and promoting, science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland by combining the right expertise, experience, and R&D through partnerships between academia and the market through innovation projects, networking, training, and coaching.  www.innosuisse.ch/inno/en

Venture IncubatorCultivating the Swiss venture ecosystem, Venture Incubator (VI) is a Venture Capital fund providing risk capital and long-term, comprehensive support to young start-ups in the healthcare and technology industries. It also aims to stimulate the growth of the Swiss start-up ecosystem. www.ventureincubator.ch

>>venture>> - Competition for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Switzerland. It empowers young innovators to develop their business ideas into start-up companies by connecting them with the people and resources they need. It is a joint initiative between ETH Zurich, McKinsey & Company, Knecht Holding, Innosuisse and Lausanne-based science and technology institution, the EPFL.  www.venture.ch

Wyss Zurich - The joint accelerator of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, made possible by a generous donation from the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. h.c. mult. Hansj?rg Wyss. Fields of Regenerative Medicine and Robotics and hybrid technologies thereof. https://www.wysszurich.uzh.ch/

Spin-offs from the ETH Domain  

The SPIED website consolidates spin-off information available at the individual spin-off’s parent institutions within the ETH Domain (EPFL, PSI, EMPA and EAWAG). Along with providing a searchable overview of ETH Domain spin-offs, it includes information for potential investors about investment opportunities, and increases the overall visibility of the ETH Domain. Spied.ch.

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