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Corona virus

Many companies are trying to contribute to the containment of the Corona pandemic. Some firms are offering lab materials or further resources. Others are looking for research knowledge or research equipment. If your company has offers, needs or questions like these, please do not hesitate to contact our team at ETH Industry Relations. There are numerous activities at ETH Zurich and we would be happy to put you in touch with the relevant researchers at ETH Zurich.

Tackling the virus through creativity

Additional funding for Covid-19 research

Vital support for Swiss hospitals

Are you looking for research partners at ETH Zurich?
We support companies in finding partners and organize visits, lab tours, workshops, and events (ETH Industry Day). We also offer services for small and medium-sized enterprises (Info for SME). Contact us

News for Industry

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02.04.2020 | Tünde Kirstein | Industry Projects, Videos

Monitoring cell mass and growth

two men looking at a microscope

What happens when flu viruses or other pathogens infect a cell? Thanks to a tiny cell balance, researchers from ETH Zurich and their project partner Nanosurf can now monitor this in real time.

26.03.2020 | Tünde Kirstein | Industry Projects, Videos

Machines learn to speak Swiss German

Swiss Voice Assistant device

Speaking Swiss German is a challenge for many non-Swiss people. So now the machines are trying.

10.03.2020 | Tünde Kirstein | Industry Projects, Videos

A stormy week

A stormy week

Students from Computational Science Zurich helped weather data provider Meteomatics to improve weather forecast models. The new ideas will make the predictions of cyclones more precise, which is important for many industrial applications such as insurances and the energy market. ?

05.03.2020 | Sybille Zimmermann | Sustainability, Entrepreneurship

Feeding the world with Integrated Vertical Farming

Visualisation of vertical farming in an old industrial hall

Global agriculture today consumes 40% of the total land area and 70% of the fresh water reserves to feed the earth’s 8 billion people. ?This is neither sustainable nor efficient – especially given the steady growth of the earth’s population. ETH spin-off Yasai invented Integrated Vertical Farming to provide food for everyone without destroying the earth’s precious resources.

13.02.2020 | Sybille Zimmermann | Entrepreneurship

FPGA Computing Platform for machine learning in data analytics

picture of an FPGA

Big players with online businesses discover how to use Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices to run machine-learning applications. FPGAs can lower the cost of machine-learning IT infrastructure and reduce its energy footprint.

30.01.2020 | Tünde Kirstein | Industry Projects, Videos, Entrepreneurship

Blockchain for the watch industry

Watch industry

Today, it is difficult to get secure information about the origin and the history of luxury watches. In cooperation with watch manufacturers and retailers, ETH juniors developed a blockchain solution. Now the spin-off company Adresta brings this technology to market. ?

ETH Industry Day

The ETH Industry Day is an annual event organized by ETH Industry Relations on behalf of the ETH Vice President of Research and Corporate Relations. It highlights current research and entrepreneurial activities of ETH Zurich and offers a platform for industry to engage with ETH researchers and ETH Spin-offs.

The next ETH Industry Day takes place on September 2, 2020. Find more information on the Industry Day website.

National Innovation Initiatives

ETH-based contact for Innovation Park Zurich (contact), general information about Innovation Park Zurich here

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