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Various licensing opportunites of ETH Zurich are available. This page presents a selection of inventions that were filed for patents. Further possibilities to stay informed:


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Latest offer

Expanding, ultrathin, smooth cylinders for implants  

folding set for stents
  • self-?deployable mechanics (demo youtube)
  • tuneable fixation forces inside a confined vessel
  • for trans-?catheter heart valve replacement
  • factsheet (PDF, 535 KB)

List of technologies

Camera drones for 3D motion capture in open field  

camera drones following athlete
  • autonomous camera drones capture 3D motion (ETH news)
  • environment independent
  • for biomechanics (i.e. gait analysis), avatar animation, performance indicator for athletes
  • factsheet (PDF, 367 KB)
  • short technical demonstration youtube

Nitration of arenes with controllable source of nitronium ions

  • late stage functionalization of complex molecules
  • easy-to-handle, safe and bench-stable solid chemicals
  • synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes, explosives, agrochemicals
  • factsheet (PDF, 514 KB)

Hard-soft actuator for two axes rotation

hybrid actuator
  • actuator moves elements such as solar panels on building envelopes (ETH news)
  • high precision and high resilience
  • lightweight, easy maintenance, low cost fabrication process
  • factsheet (PDF, 458 KB)

Ultrathin formwork for reinforced concrete structures

ultrathin formwork
  • construction of freeform concrete structures
  • cost and material saving, fast vertical building rate
  • factsheet (PDF, 900 KB)
  • short technical demonstration youtube

Rapid and on-demand synthesis of O-17 and O-18 compounds for O-tracing

  • O-isotope tracing in nature, agrochemistry and life sciences
  • high yield of peroxo compounds per O2 input
  • easy handling
  • factsheet (PDF, 362 KB)

Zero-?power receiver for touch communication and touch sensing

signal transmission to the zero-power receiver
  • upon touch the receiver wakes up electronic devices
  • customized settings for users
  • for short range communication (e.g. smart wearables, secure switches)
  • factsheet (PDF, 433 KB)

Mild and gas reagent-free synthesis for the introduction of the SF5 group in drugs

  • key aryl-SF4Cl intermediates
  • cheap, safe, easy-to-handle: starting with the "swimming pool" reagent
  • synthesis tool for medicinal chemistry and agrochemistry
  • factsheet (PDF, 885 KB)
  • interview with inventor youtube

Multifunctional protein-based materials and micro-reactors for biotechnological applications

soluble globular proteins
  • assembles multiple proteins on one supramolecular structure
  • delivers proteins at high concentrations
  • application in food or pharma industry
  • factsheet (PDF, 672 KB)

High-temperature protection coating with built-in thermal sensor

protective coating
  • warns against thermal loads by irreversibly changing its color
  • monitoring of thermal loads in harsh environments
  • factsheet (PDF, 573 KB)

3D microfibrillar scaffolds for in vitro cell culture, tissue engineering and surgical applications

3D scaffold
  • highly porous and aligend 3D scaffold for cell infiltration
  • easy and fast preparation of the scaffold
  • for tissue engineering, reconstructive surgery and basic cell research
  • factsheet (PDF, 389 KB)
  • interview with inventor youtube

IntegriKey: ensuring integrity of critical input data

  • enforcement of security properties in a highly adversarial environment
  • security for remote maintenance of factory equipment
  • input protection for e-banking and other sensitive data transfer
  • factsheet (PDF, 489 KB)
  • interview with inventor Industry News

Design and fabrication tools for zippable models

zippable model
  • facilitates the work of designers and artists
  • highly intuitive user interface to form a 3D object from flat materials
  • factsheet (PDF, 837 KB)
  • interview with inventor youtube

PEGylation of therapeutic proteins and peptides

technology offer 2013-084
  • fast, selective formation of a covalent bond between two large molecules
  • chemoselectivity in the presence of unprotected functional groups
  • factsheet (PDF, 409 KB)

De novo generation of libraries of backbone N-methylated peptides for drug development

  • high library complexity due to genetic coding
  • promising leads for the development of therapeutic peptides due to their modification
  • factsheet (PDF, 466 KB)

Creating efficient fracture networks in deep gas, oil and geothermal wells

thermal spallation source for efficient fracture networks
  • thermal spallation technique for borehole enlargement
  • creates efficient fracture networks in hard rock
  • factsheet (PDF, 414 KB)

Variable stiffness catheter for minimal invasive heart surgery

Manipulation of the curvature by variable stiffness segments
  • catheter for hard-to-reach-areas in surgery
  • increased dexterity, precision
  • factsheet
  • interview with inventor youtube

Iron power shakes and smoothies against anaemia

  • iron fortification of foods
  • delivering Fe(II), no organoleptic changes, low cost
  • factsheet

No screws, no glue - a modular multi-panel system

multipanel system
  • assembly of shelves, exhibition stands, corner reflectors for radar
    simple, reliable, adaptable
  • factsheet (PDF, 476 KB)
  • interview with inventor youtube

Building blocks for the synthesis of sterochemically pure oligonucleotides

building blocks

Graphite flakes as cathode material in rechargeable aluminium chloride-graphite batteries

graphite flakes
  • utility-scale (e.g. household) stationary storage
  • cost-effective production, non-toxic, long cycling life
  • factsheet (PDF, 355 KB)
  • interview with iinventor youtube

Real-time user feedback from unpredictable data streams

surrogate function
  • application for teleoperation, raytracing, interactive simulations
  • surrogate functions provides real-time response
  • factsheet (PDF, 281 KB)
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