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Here you will find a selection of the latest notifications, articles and news from the departments as well as from various administrative departments of ETH Zurich.


Podcast with Petra Schmid

The Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour is currently planning a new study on how feedback affects the motivation and focus of people working remotely.


Important stimulus for research and teaching

In 2019, the ETH Foundation received some 120 million Swiss francs from private individuals, foundations and companies. Donations and bequests promote new stimulus for future teaching and for launching pioneering research projects.


Podcast with Andreas Wallraff

Remote research, what does that mean? Andreas Wallraff is currently running the Quantum Device Lab from home.


On the trail of the virus

Participate in containing coronavirus: medical informatics specialists at ETH Zurich have developed a monitoring system to complement corona tests and track how the virus is spreading in Switzerland. All residents of Switzerland can take part in the online survey.


Podcast with Viola Vogel

Viola Vogel talks to the ETH Podcast about how soap, ginger, rinsing our mouths and gargling can make us more resistant against viruses.


Corona Impulse Fund

Implementing research projects relating to our lives with and after the corona virus quickly and flexibly is currently the central task of ETH Zurich. The university is also looking for additional funds for scholarships. Together with the ETH Foundation, an impulse fund has been set up to support projects quickly and unbureaucratically.


Tips for working from home

Working from home is a challenge. Here is some advice on how to make the best of the situation – while staying healthy in body and mind.


How to organize an online conference

The first online-only conference in photonics in January 2020 was a success. ETH Professor Rachel Grange shares her tips and advice in "Nature" and in the News of the Department of Physics.


Nano-sponge with extreme properties

A new process simplifies the fabrication of porous materials with a defined nanostructure and takes them one step closer to mass production.


Benjamin Franklin Medal for Michele Parrinello

Michele Parrinello, ETH Professor for Computational Science, has received the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Medal for a method that combines molecular dynamics simulation and electronic structure calculations.

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