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We make your ideas fly!
We make your ideas fly!

There are numerous options for acquiring funding as a researcher employed at or wishing to join ETH Zurich. The Office of Research and EU GrantsAccess are your access points for national and international funding schemes, respectively.

ETH Zurich also runs a number of competitive internal programmes such as the ETH Fellowships, the ETH Research Grants, and the Branco Weiss Fellowships. The ETH Pioneer Fellowships promote the development of innovative products and services.

Special emphasis is put on support for young researchers.  

The SNSF is awarding grants to researchers in Switzerland who contribute to expanding global efforts to fight the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The aim is to find out more about the virus and improve clinical and public health measures.

There are more options for funding than you might think. Projects, fellowships, travels, equipment - you name it. Check out Research Professional, a comprehensive database of funding schemes that is freely accessible to ETH researchers (on campus or via VPN).  

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