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Rösslerpreis 2017
Award ceremony for the R?ssler Prize

ETH Zurich awards various prizes to excellent researchers, which are listed below. For further information also see the overview of research prizes awarded by other institutions and the news page for prizes and other honours awarded to or by ETH Zurich.

Latsis Prize and Symposium

The Fondation Latsis Internationale finances the annual ETH Zurich Latsis Prize, which is dedicated to young researchers. The foundation has also been supporting the annual Latsis Symposium since 1986.

R?ssler Prize

The R?ssler Prize is awarded to a young professor of ETH Zurich on an annual base. Dr Max R?ssler established the prize to support promising young researchers in the middle of an accelerating career.  

Lopez-Loreta Prize

The Lopez-Loreta Prize has been in existence since 2018 and is given to excellent young researchers of ETH Zurich and three other European universities. The award is used to work on breakthrough scientific discoveries or promising technological innovations.

Ru?i?ka Prize

The annual Ru?i?ka Prize is awarded by ETH Zurich to honour research in chemistry conducted in Switzerland or by a Swiss citizen working abroad.

Spark Award

ETH Zurich gives the Spark Award for the most promising invention that was patented in the preceding year.

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