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Graduates of ETH Zurich are much sought after on the job market thanks to their broad fundamental knowledge and their practical approach.

ETH Zurich trains outstanding experts in their fields, and prepares its students to assume positions of responsibility as critical members of society. Clearly focused study programmes that meet the highest standards in terms of both what is taught and how it is taught, and the independence they allow to students, make the university an extremely attractive place to study. Rising student numbers provide compelling evidence of this.

Innovative teaching methods

ETH Zurich is constantly developing its curricula to ensure that it offers its students the best possible education. One important element in this is the process of regular teaching evaluations. For over 20 years ETH Zurich has been asking students about their course content and their lecturers' performance, and consistently developing its approach to education on the basis of their feedback.

Academic excellence

Since its founding in 1855 ETH Zurich has stood for world-class academic excellence, for research which benefits of industry and society, and for the education of highly qualified subject specialists. The fact that 21 Nobel laureates have studied, taught or carried out research at ETH Zurich confirms its outstanding reputation.

Excellent conditions for research and study ...

ETH Zurich offers an outstanding environment in which to study, in a city with the highest quality of life in the world: Zurich

... and global connections

ETH Zurich is involved in numerous international cooperation projects with the most prestigious universities in the world. This means that it can offer its students valuable opportunities to complete their education abroad.

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