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Over 32'000 ETH Zurich graduates belong to the ETH Alumni Association, linking them to each other, their faculties and local chapters. As an alumna or alumnus, you benefit from an active, worldwide network that keeps you in touch with other graduates in business, science, politics and society, and gives you opportunities to connect with interesting people. In addition, the Alumni Association provides various services and benefits that make it easier for you to stay informed and in contact with ETH Zurich.

What do we offer our members?

  • Active, worldwide network with over 32'000 ETH alumni, the MyAlumni membership platform and 60 member organizations
  • Lifelong alumni forwarding e-mail address: firstname.surname(at)
  • Social, cultural and professional events of the member organisations and the Administrative Office, event mail
  • Career Services: Events, further education, Jobplatform (online job platform), job mailing
  • Benefits for members: e.g. access to the ETH Library, getAbstract, health insurance collective contracts, discounts for a variety of services, benefit mailing
  • Publications: newsletter published 10 times a year, Globe magazine of ETH Zurich and ETH Alumni published 4 times a year

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The ETH Alumni are the voice of their Alma Mater. They act as ambassadors and support the ETH’s mission.



The ETH Alumni are united by the experiences of their university years at ETH and their connection to ETH. They are networkers and engaged actively.


The ETH Alumni offer students access to the worldwide alumni network and help them with their entry into the working world as well as their career paths.  


The ETH Alumni work as entrepreneurs, scientists and business leaders in areas of the economy, research, politics and society.

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