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In order to cope with humanity’s major challenges, a combination of disciplinary approaches in multidisciplinary teams, or a multidisciplinary approach, is often necessary. This is why ETH Zurich concentrates on several main focus areas in addition to departmental activities. The research focuses on the needs of society – be that at a local, national or global level – and so makes a valuable contribution to politics, the economy and society

ETH Zurich’s main focus areas are as follows:


As a technical and scientific university, ETH Zurich has been making significant contributions to the advancement of medicine for decades through fundamental research, the development of technologies for prognostics, diagnostics and therapy, the foundation of spin-off companies, training and education programmes, and infrastructure.

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Researchers at ETH Zurich are developing new approaches to data science and machine learning in order to secure and evaluate enormous amounts of data.
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Food security, energy supply and climate change, the sustainable design of our habitats and the careful handling of natural resources are among the greatest global challenges. ETH Zurich has studied these topics intensively for decades and is today a leader in energy, nutrition and environmental research.
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Manufacturing technologies

A company’s economic success depends on its ability to develop innovative products and ensure cost-effective production. ETH Zurich’s research contributes to the development of future-oriented production processes and manufacturing technologies.
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Critical Thinking Initiative

ETH Zurich launched the Critical Thinking Initiative (CTETH) in 2012 with the goal of training ETH students to think critically and independently. This initiative allows the university to provide critical thinking and communication and leadership skills in addition to specialist expertise.
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