Benjamin Franklin Medal for Michele Parrinello


Michele Parrinello, Professor for Computational Science (D-CHAB), has received the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Medal together with Roberto Car from Princeton University for inventing an efficient computational method by combining molecular dynamics simulation and electronic structure calculations.

Prof. Michele Parrinello
Prof. Michele Parrinello (Foto: ETH Zürich / Giulia Marthaler) 

Since 1824, the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia honors researchers for their outstanding and pioneering achievements in science, industry and engineering. Among the laureates this year, is Michele Parrinello, Professor for Computational Science at ETH Zurich (D-CHAB). He and Roberto Car, a theoretical chemist at Princeton University, have been awarded the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Medal for inventing the Car-Parrinello method. The Car-Parrinello method maps the interactions of large numbers of atoms in motion through quantum mechanics resulting in ab initio molecular dynamics simulations. It allows observing the motion of individual atoms for a better understanding of static and dynamical properties of various complex systems. This method has already been applied in many areas of materials science, physics, chemistry and biology, for instance enabling researches to describe and design new molecules and materials. The award ceremony will take place during the Franklin Institute Awards Week, April 27-30, 2020.

For more information about the prizewinner and the award, please take a look at the article on the D-CHAB homepage.

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