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ETH Zurich has a living commitment to sustainable development in its four core areas of activity – Research, Teaching, Campus, and Dialog with Society.



Information on the coronavirus

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, ETH Zurich has switched to emergency operation. The buildings are no longer open with immediate effect. Please use the central website to keep yourself informed about further measures taken by ETH Zurich. There you will also find answers to the most important questions.

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Through its Research, ETH Zurich furnishes the technical and scientific know-how required for sustainable development. ETH Zurich also trains the next generation of scholars that advocates for sustainable development (Education). ETH Zurich reflects the principles of sustainability by integrating them into the administration and planning of its Campus. Finally, it informs the public about its latest research results (Dialog).





Sustainability news


How the campus of the future will develop

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ETH Zurich is developing its campus of the future at H?nggerberg – today, the city council of Zurich set another milestone in the development of an urban campus for teaching, research and exchange.


Energy self-sufficient households in Switzerland by 2050?

Residential building with solar panels

Researchers from ETH Zurich investigated whether it would be technically and economically feasible for households to achieve energy self-sufficiency using photovoltaics alone in the temperate Swiss climate by the middle of the century.

What is the contribution of ETH Zurich to the Agenda 2030?

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