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“We are all taking unprecedented actions as part of our collective effort to break the chain of transition of COVID-19, and to be present for those who need our intellectual and emotional support. It is a journey that starts now, during which we will grow, support each other, and in the end, be a stronger community. Let’s start – togETHer."
Jo?l Mesot, President of ETH Zurich

Information on the coronavirus

ETH's task force under the Vice President for Infrastructure monitors the current developments in the coronavirus epidemic and draws up suitable measures. Researchers, lecturers, staff and students can find the latest information and answers to the most frequently asked questions on the information page.

Latest information on the coronavirus


togETHer - ETH Zurich helps!

The current challenge can only be met with a collective spirit. One thing is clear: ETH Zurich never leaves anyone alone and is constantly expanding its support services. A number of platforms and initiatives are designed to further promote this spirit and enable mutual support.

To the support initiatives

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